Board of Directors

2018/2019 Board of Directors

Role Name Email Description
President Tanys McWatters The President is responsible for leadership of the Board and with the other Directors will set the direction for the Chapter. The President is responsible for interactions with the regional and international IIBA partners.
Vice President Darcy Guy The Vice President supports the President in their role. The Vice President is responsible for local partner relationships.
Secretary/Treasurer Eli Rizk
With the combined role of Secretary and Treasurer, this Director is responsible for the regular operations of the Board and maintaining the financial affairs of the Chapter.
Director, Marketing Lori Nauth-Misir The Director of Marketing is responsible for the communication of chapter events as well as promotion of the Chapter in general.
Director, Education Trevor Haubrich ‚ÄčThe Director of Education is responsible for professional development opportunities for the Chapter.
Director, Member Engagement Oliva Wang The Director of Member Engagement is responsible for membership of the Chapter, engaging and retaining members and addressing their needs.


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